I am a speaker, humourist, content producer and social media trainer. I am also an iPhone and social media addict. I love creativity, content marketing and social media so focus all of my energy on these passion areas.

My latest comedy show:


Zucker Up! I traveled from Australia to Silicon Valley dressed as a giant Facebook LIKE.

FB HQ update

My Social Needia corporate comedy promo

My stand up comedy extended showreel

Zucker Up! I hit Times Square dressed as a giant LIKE

Zucker Up! I hit Grand Central Station offering free Hershey’s Kisses in exchange for Facebook LIKES

I have been featured across:

Press Social Needia logos
I have written articles for:

Press Social Needia writing featured in V3

I was recently featured on Channel 10’s lifestyle show The Living Room, talking about selfies. You can watch the full episode here.

selfie TLR 7

“Rising star”
Dave Hughes, Nova 100

“Witty, highly entertaining, completely relatable, irrefutably honest, up-to-the-minute comedy.”
Crikey, 2013

“Her tone is spot-on and self-deprecating in all the right places.
Lots of laughs… One to watch.”
Herald Sun, 2013

“Borensztajn deconstructs our use of social media and breaks down the importance that we place on creating a popular and well-liked perception of ourselves. Confident, clever, thought-provoking, poignant.”
Herald Sun, 2014

“Confident, witty, polished, professional, masterful, delivered with heart.”
Australian Stage, 2014

“Jordana is an exciting, relevant and dynamic performer. Her skill and knowledge of all things social media provides some essential learning for any audience wanting to connect digitally… AND… she’s funny!”
Zara Swindells-Grose, Co-Director of Humour Australia (HA!)

“Jordana came into my office and conquered. Her insightful and witty observations had my team in stitches; agreeing and even questioning their social media habits. Jordana is full of life, engaging, personable and delightful with a show that lingers in your consciousness for some time.”
Daniel Kagan, Head of marketing and sponsorship at Sportsmate Mobile

“Jordana nailed it. She was entertaining, on point and totally in her element. Two thumbs up, a Facebook share and a retweet.”
Dan Monheit, Co-founder and director of strategy at Hardhat Digital

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