Guest post: Social networks you probably haven’t signed up for

I wrote a guest post for Social Media Agency Thinktank Social, discussing some of the lesser-known and emerging social networks that are definitely worth joining, including Snapchat, Medium and SoundCloud. You can read the full post on Thinktank Social here.

Katy Perry gives WhatsApp the ultimate endorsement in “Roar” lyric video

katy perry whatsapp

Katy Perry’s brand new lyric video for “Roar” is made up almost entirely of WhatsApp conversations, handing the smartphone instant messaging app the ultimate endorsement. And they haven’t paid a cent! Perry reportedly relies heavily on WhatsApp to communicate with Continue reading

U.S. couples are signing social media pre-nuptials. I want in!

prenup pic

Americans are world leaders in everything; technology, medical breakthroughs, divorce rates…. So it’s only fitting they’re the first to introduce a new component for newlyweds who are planning on tying the knot; social media pre-nuptial agreements. At first I thought Continue reading

Dear Facebook, I’ll only use ‘On This Day’ if I look hotter and happier in old photos

back to the future pic

Facebook’s testing out a new feature that will allow users to revisit old News Feeds. When I first heard about it, I thought ‘Unless this time warp involves Marty McFly and Hover Boards, it doesn’t sound that amazing’. But my Continue reading