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“Rising star”

Dave Hughes, Nova 100

Kate Langbroek, Nova 100

“Jordana is an exciting, relevant and dynamic performer. Her skill and knowledge of all things social media provides some essential learning for any audience wanting to connect digitally… AND… she’s funny!”
Zara Swindells-Grose, Co-Director of Humour Australia (HA!)

Witty, highly entertaining, completely relatable, irrefutably honest, up-to-the-minute comedy.”
Crikey, 2013

“Her tone is spot-on and self-deprecating in all the right places.
Lots of laughs… One to watch.”
Herald Sun, 2013


Jordana performs corporate comedy, club comedy and festival shows. She lives, breathes and loves all things social media-related so focuses all of her comedy on this passion area.

In 2013, Jordana performed her debut Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Social Needia: The Epidemic – an entire show dedicated to her addiction to social media and technology – to capacity crowds. A revamped version of her successful show returned through the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival. This year she hit the comedy festival with her second social media-themed show titled Like Me, Love Me, Retweet Me, which explored the meaning of honesty online, and exactly why making herself look good on social media is a full-time job.

In addition to performing locally, Jordana has performed at world-renowned comedy clubs in New York (Caroline’s on Broadway, New York Comedy Club, Metropolitan Room) and Los Angeles (The Comedy Store, Flapper’s Comedy Club).

Jordana Borensztajn Social Needia corporate comedy promo

Jordana Borensztajn – Stand up comedy extended showreel (Nov 2013 update)

“Jordana’s like a bolt of electricity. She’s enthusiastic and her material has real substance. She has the ability to communicate to people that understand social, as well as those that don’t. Even my Mum would understand the jokes. Plus it was really diverse. It wasn’t just about social media; it was about life – and the fundamental shift we’ve made over the last five years. She actually made me cry tears of laughter. It had been a long time since I’d had one of those laugh-cries. #winning”
Sam Mutimer, Social Media Director at Thinktank Socia

“Jordana’s observations have you in abundant stitches of laughter while taking a good hard look at yourself! #completelyhilarious #gotohershow”
MC, Speaker, Social Media Producer

“Jordana has captured the silliness of the social media obsession with hilarious insights. With style and a clever script, she uses a multimedia approach to highlight some of the bizarre things we do with Facebook and our mobile phones. It’s a whole new way of communicating – without having to speak or look at who we’re talking to. She bases her clever observations on herself, so if you are embarrassed, it’s because she opens your eyes to yourself. Wonderful.”
Kevin McQuillan, Journalist and social media lecturer

“Her confidence and appealing stage presence are impressive in a newcomer; this one has a future.”
ArtsHub, 2013

Jordana came into my office and conquered. Her insightful and witty observations had my team in stitches; agreeing and even questioning their social media habits. Jordana is full of life, engaging, personable and delightful with a show that lingers in your consciousness for some time.”
Daniel Kagan, Head of marketing and sponsorship at Sportsmate Mobile

“Jordana nailed it. She was entertaining, on point and totally in her element. Two thumbs up, a Facebook share and a retweet.”
Dan Monheit, Co-founder and director of strategy at Hardhat Digital.

“Jordana Borensztajn provides us with a great example of how well a comedy show can run when the comedian busts their arse and puts in the work.”
Comedy Beast, 2013


Jordana has performed at:

– Caroline’s on Broadway, NYC.
– The Stand, NYC.
– New York Comedy Club, NYC.
– Metropolitan Room, NYC.
– Flappers in Burbank, L.A.
– The Comedy Store, Hollywood, L.A.
– Federation Square, Melbourne.
– Five Boroughs, Melbourne.
– Grand Hyatt, Melbourne.
– The Comic’s Lounge, Melbourne.
– The Last Laugh Club, Melbourne.
– Trade’s Hall, Melbourne.
– Station 59, Melbourne.
– LOOP Bar, Melbourne.
– Portland Hotel, Melbourne.
– Comedy on Collins, Melbourne.

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