I don’t understand Google Plus. So I’m going to learn. Every day.

I am going to confess straight up – I don’t know my way around Google Plus. I know how to hangout with friends in real-life and I know how to make circles shapes with my pasta,  but I have no idea how to do either of those things online.

And until now, I haven’t really wanted to. I have been dancing around the social network for quite some time but after listening to podcast after podcast about how valuable it is — especially for search — it’s time for me to conquer it.

Those who use it, love it and swear by it. So I’m making a vow to spend 10 minutes a day trying to learn and understand it. So that I can avoid this (below).


Here’s a list of the things that confuse me the most.

– Where is my feed?
– How do I join, and grow, my communities?
– If I create a community how do I share it?
– What’s the best length for Google Plus posts?
– Does search favour original copy?
– Is circling just like friending?
– How do people circle me?
– How does the stuff I post to my profile integrate with search results?

Yet the biggest question mark of all surrounds my multiple Gmail accounts. I want to merge a few emails into one profile. I’ve tweeted some G Plus experts and even they don’t have answers for me.

Wish me luck!

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