Comedy Festival ’14: Like Me, Love Me, Retweet Me

Jordana Borensztajn desperately wants to be liked. Facebook liked. So she makes a New Year’s resolution to become a better person – online – and invests her offline time into dramatically enhancing her online self. When getting likes isn’t enough, Jordana takes a bold risk and reveals her true personality. Does her life improve, or does she come crashing down, along with her Facebook wall?

After performing her debut show Social Needia: The Epidemic to capacity crowds during the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Jordana returns with a new social media-obsessed show. In Like Me, Love Me, Retweet Me, Jordana explores issues of honesty and self-worth online, and exactly why making herself look good on social media is a full-time job.

“I live, love and breathe social media. In fact, I spend most of my time offline creating and curating content to make my online life look as good as possible,” she says. “Comedy is therapeutic for me, so in this show I’m going to drag myself away from my Facebook News Feed to face my internet issues. I have no option; my online social life has totally taken over my real life.”

The comedian and corporate speaker puts her social media love affair on show by hitting the streets dressed as a giant Facebook LIKE button. “I love social media, especially Facebook, and I try to spread the LIKE/LOVE as much as possible,” she explains. “I want to honour the social network that’s revolutionised the way we connect, encouraged oversharing in way too many aspects of our lives, and brought out the narcissistic qualities in us all. Hooray!”

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