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Hi, I’m Jordana and I have a deep love and obsession for social media and my iPhone. I’m not just tech-savvy, I’m tech-dependant. The first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night is check my email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am deeply addicted.

I can’t recall the exact moment I moved from the ‘honeymoon phase’ into a deep and committed relationship – when the ‘fun’ turned into ‘fundamental’ – but it’s been a brilliant journey. I’ve seen social networks develop, bloom, blossom, and totally explode. And yes, of course many have also failed. I’ve loved watching them, using them, critiquing them, integrating them into my life, and contributing to their growth and expansion every step of the way.

I LIVE social media, and I LOVE social media. Whether through humour or education, I spend my days (and nights, let’s be honest) spreading and sharing my passion, insight and experiences to help ignite the social media spark in others, and enhance their social media marketing skills.

In fact, when I look back on the last 12+ years of my career, the key moments and memories that stand out for me all revolve round social media and technology.

WHEN I WAS AT UNI (2000 – 2003)

Wikipedia began, Apple started selling iPods, people actually used Friendster, Myspace was awesome (not a joke), LinkedIn was unveiled, and Apple introduced iTunes as an online music service.

social needia myspace


YouTube was invented, Facebook launched, Twitter was born, people started podcasting, iPhones were unveiled and the smartphone revolution began, Flickr was a genuinely popular photo-sharing site, Google built and released, the first MacBook Air was unveiled, Mashable went live, and Tumblr, Reddit and Vimeo were introduced into the social space.

Apple iPhone


People checked in using FourSquare, Facebook became the biggest social network in the world, Twitter turned into a legitimate source for breaking news (Hudson River plane crash), cafés started offering free WiFi to customers, and iTunes opened its App Store.

social needia facebook like


The words unfriend, totes, viral, meme and ZOMG were just a handful of web words added to the Oxford Dictionary, Apple released iPads, Facebook reached a billion users, The Social Network movie was released, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus launched and made ripples in the social networking world, Facebook acquired Instagram, Yahoo! acquired Tumblr, Lady Gaga became the first pop star to hit one billion views on YouTube, selfies became the norm and hashtags became a regular inclusion in all web lingo. #fact

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