Jordana is a social media trainer, humourist, creative consultant and speaker who has worked in the media for 10 years in the capacity of a journalist, online content producer, online community admin and moderator, photographer and social media manager.

Jordana combines her personal and professional social media and online content experiences, with her industry knowledge, to help develop and enhance social media marketing and content creation skills in others. Jordana draws off her experience as a comedian to deliver educational presentations in an entertaining and engaging manner.

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Jordana presents on the following topics:

– Building creative skills
– Capturing attention with creative online content
– Speaking the right social media language
– Make content marketing work for your brand
– Inspiring/driving positive online engagement
– Understanding the millennial mindset
– Connecting with Gen Y and Gen Z
– Social media stand up comedy

Jordana runs workshops on the following topics:

– Social media marketing: Beginner’s guide
– Social media marketing: Strategy, development and implementation
– Capture My Attention: Build your brand online with creative content
– Content marketing: Let’s get started

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Capture Attention with Creative Online Content

The internet is a hectic place and brands and businesses are fighting to grab attention. So how can your business rise above the noise? With creative content. But what is creativity? And what’s the best way to generate compelling content that customers will like, share and retweet? By exploring a variety of creative approaches, Jordana will provide attendees with strategies to build their creative skills and generate unique content ideas that will have an impact online.

Speaking The Right Social Media Language

Traditional ‘sales speak’ falls on deaf ears in social media discussions, so what’s the best way to connect with consumers, boost engagement and ultimately build brand trust, transparency and community? By exploring the way social media has transformed the communication of information, and the powerful role that language plays in social media discussions, Jordana uses real brand examples to provide participants with strategies to help inspire discussion and drive positive engagement with their online communities.

Make Content Marketing Work For Your Brand

You’ve heard the buzz about content marketing but how can it help your brand? By exploring the elements of shareability and the ingredients of compelling content, while looking at real-life case studies and content success stories, Jordana will teach attendees how to use these elements to their advantage when devising content plans. Jordana will provide participants with strategies to include the right content marketing ingredients that will inspire engagement with fans and followers.

Manage Gen Y Without Asking Why

Gen Y staff have a reputation of being hard to manage but what if businesses can learn to harness the power of millennials and use it to their advantage? By exploring the generational and communication differences that arise between Gen Y staff, Gen X and Baby Boomers, Jordana provides attendees with action steps that will help bridge the gaps so that staff of different ages can ‘speak the same language’ and work together to achieve the same goals.

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– Creative content workshops
– Social media training
– Social media and content marketing presentations
– Corporate comedy


Jordana can be booked for events via Ovations! Click to view her profile.
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Jordana can be booked for events via Saxton. Click to view her profile.

Alternatively, for all publicity inquiries please email Jordana at mysocialneedia@gmail.com

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