Comedy Festival ’13: Social Needia The Epidemic


What happens when a social media addict embarks on an online detox in an effort to try to cure her obsession? All is revealed through Social Needia: The Epidemic.

Jordana gets anxious when nobody comments on her Facebook status updates, wakes up in the middle of the night to Tweet, believes all feelings can be expressed through emoticons, Instagrams her food before eating it, and is convinced that hashtags make everything cooler. She’s definitely a victim of Social Needia; an epidemic that’s gone viral.

In Social Needia: The Epidemic, Jordana explores her addiction to, and obsession with, social media and technology, plus an array of other neuroses that all tie into this fixation. She draws attention to the idea that while so many of us always feel ‘switched on’ because of technology and social media, in many ways we’re more disconnected than we’ve ever been.

After performing to capacity crowds in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Jordana performed a revamped Social Needia: The Epidemic through the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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