Vining around

In my quest to get more familiar with the social networks I don’t use often enough, I have set myself a challenge; 15 minutes for 15 days. Test it out, upload content, share content and then determine whether it’s right for me and whether I should factor it into my daily social routine. Or is that, daily social addiction?

One of the sites on my list is Twitter’s six-second video adventure, Vine. I’m almost at the end of my run and am totally hooked. I’m pumped I’m enjoying it but really didn’t need another network to suck me in. It’s a huge first world problem, I know.

Here’s a few reasons why I love Vine…

An ode to Bette Midler (and Boo)

The fitness circle of life Surprise! Like me. Again.

A Joan Rivers tribute LIKE LIKE LIKE  

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